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Financial Independence in the Modern Woman


The past decade has seen woman empowerment like no other period in history has seen before. Women have found their way into the corporate world and life has changed so much for someone who was traditionally moulded to stay at home to keep house.

Today’s modern woman is a very busy creature – she’s a wife, mother, probably a boss, a confidante, a family accountant and so much more. Women these days have really learned to conquer it all. She fills in when the spouse can’t make enough to support the family or takes on the role of both mom and dad when marital issues take over. Apparently there is no mountain she cannot climb and women have stretched themselves beyond limits and boundaries just to serve and keep the family intact.

In doing so, there are traditional women tasks that the modern woman would rather choose not to do anymore, if given the choice. They are cooking, cleaning and shopping. Yes, shopping included! In the older days, a woman’s daily schedule was made up entirely of all these three and any woman who has stepped out into the corporate world abhors getting back to these three things that kept them up and going when they were still not financially independent.

Probably they’ve had much of it during their initial years of married life, but women of today would rather spend a whole day a week cooking meals that could be stuffed into the freezer and reheated during meal times. They just realized how much valuable time is eaten up by being stuck in the kitchen – time that could get them to earn and afford luxuries they can enjoy.

Many of today’s women also engage the services of cleaning companies to do home cleaning jobs. Rather than doing this themselves, they prefer coming up with the finances to pay for the services. Shopping, which women used to love doing, has shifted from physical to online purchasing. Time and convenience is of value to the modern woman, and technology has been kind to them. It’s really an entirely different world now. Women have found financial independence and are beginning to be happy about themselves.

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